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[Solved] Linux with MSI b450 Tomahawk, Ryzen 3400G

Hey, so I just built a new PC, picked out the motherboard from a Levelonetechs video of the MSI B450 Tomahawk. I exclusivity run Linux, 100% on all my computers, but haven’t built a PC in a while, mainly use notebooks.

Anyway, everything seems stable, memory timings seem correct, I OC it to 3200. In system Info it looks like my vega graphics are detected, I ran glmark2 and got a score of 214 on it. However, after installing steam and a few games it is clear the graphics are not working at all. I installed SOMA and Amnesia(it is October. . .) and they didn’t run. SOMA won’t start up and Amnesia really sluggish. These graphics should be a lot faster than my notebook and HL2 barely plays on it and on my new system it runs like garbage.

This is the first PC I built with integrated graphics and I’m not sure how to set it up. Are there in tutorials, video or written, that can get me up to speed? or am I just missing something really simple in the setup?


distro and kernel?

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5.0.0-29-generic on Linux Mint 19.2

Wait, that was my notebook, I have the keyboard/mouse on a usb switch and not used to it yet. My desktop was running an older kernel. I upgraded it and it works fine now.

I put solved on this post, maybe someone else will have this problem?

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Hey I also wanted to build a linux pc with ryzen 3400G APU. The only part I’m not able to decide is motherboard.
How is the performance of Linux on B450 Tomahawk. My budget is tight. And I don’t want to mess up with wrong choice. So would like to give me some advice.