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[SOLVED] Linux Sensors

Okay linux folk, help me out. How do I get sensors to continuously monitor my temps actively. So I dont have to enter sensors each time I want to see the info. It cant be gui as I am sshed into the computer.

I believe I found the command.

watch sensors

a little google never fails.

I use a tool called fancontrol-gui-git that covers all my CPU and case fans. Rather basic, but you can set up simple curves.

You can also check the temps with a lot of widgets, that might differ depending on your window manager. Your distros system monitor should have access to all that.

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I am leaving this at unsolved. watch sensors works for everything but the cpu. when i do sensors it works fine but watch sensors doesn’t

My problem is I can do gui. It has to be in terminal/command line. I am ssh in not physical access to the server.

basic sensors command

watch sensors.

k10 is missing on watch sensors but not sensors by itself.

well you should be able to use x11 via ssh and get some fancy temps in a GUI that way. I haven’t used that feature in a decade, but X11 is some old sturdy stuff that has interesting features.

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sensors works. but watch sensors doesn’t.

sounds like a case for a good old shell script with grep and shit :wink: can’t say why it’s missing.

edit: did you detect sensors lately? just to be sure

just installed it. so yea.

it might be as simple as needing to scroll. how would i go about scrolling down after using watch sensors?

Derp. my windows scaling was the issue. zoomed out and see it all now

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/dev/tty2 never failed me. I love Alacritty, but sometimes things just drop under transparency or stuff. Happens to the best of us.

But you should really setup those sensors in a more convenient way. So much good tools out there for exactly these use cases…and I love line charts personally…and terminals don’t do good line charts ([email protected]) :slight_smile:

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I have a server that i access via ssh because i dont have a monitor for it. I would rather deal with cmdline vs gui anyways. I am trying to learn more about ssh and command line.