[Solved] Linux is unstable ever since I upgraded to Ryzen

Sorry typo 3.75 …oops

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Damn I was really excited for a second there.

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Now I’m curious… I specifically remember on my old motherboard disabling IOMMU and my wifi card stopped working, but the system was stable… Hmm…

Wait, what? You are running a wifi card?

Yeah, occured to me that I forgot to throw it in the PCPartPicker. It’s a TP-Link TL-WDN4800 I believe.

Welp, fixed the PCPartPicker link.
Don’t know for sure if the card is the problem but I guess we’ll find out soon. Using a USB generic 802.11n wifi adapter.

Gonna be moderately upset if all that the problem was is a $30 pci-e wifi card, but at least I RGB-ified the system in the replacement process, which is good I guess…

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Well, could have saved you two weeks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Where I have the card in my system it’s hidden underneath my GPU, so I didn’t think much of it.

It’s most likely it, in the log you provided you can see that the interrupts are caused by ath9k which is a wireless Foss driver.



Welp, hasn’t crashed yet as I type this… Only time can tell though.

Pretty sure my i5 6500 was working fine with the same adapter, but only really time can tell there.

Yeah, try your tests and give us an update when you are sure.
BTW I am definitely fan of this forum. It’s been 2 weeks and there were still ppl trying to help … It’s fucking gorgeous!


Well you did say that the problems started after kernel update right ?

Did you manage to sort your problem out? Was it just the WiFi card?

Looks like it. OP hasn’t posted in a day.

Biggest face-desk moment ever :smiley:

Yep. It was the WiFi card. Derp.
Lesson learned: make sure you check everything rather than just assuming.


Lesson learned for sure. Oh well, live and learn.

OP, mark this as solved! :slight_smile:


So if I understand your original problem it was the WIFI card that was causing all the problems in the first place?