[SOLVED] L1 USBc KVM Manual?

I emailed the Level1Tech’s store support and they sent me to Wendell, but I haven’t heard back in a few days so I was hoping the community may be able to help.

I’ve been using the USBc KVM on and off since I received it a few years ago. I seem to remember disabling the onboard audio with a key combination that was in the manual, but after moving I can’t seem to find the manual.
I was hoping someone had the manual handy and could at the very least tell me the keyboard shortcuts for this function, but a scan/pictures of the manual would be amazing.

Thanks in advanced!

(I tried finding a manual online, can’t find one for the L1Tech’s model. I found a KVM by Blackbox that looks similar, but that online manual doesn’t have anything about the audio.)

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Awesome! Thanks!

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