[SOLVED] HP OMEN 32" QHD: To buy or not to buy?

I could acquire a (new) HP OMEN 32" QHD-Monitor (W9S97AA) for 250€.

german amazon link if anyone is interested:
EDIT: fixed link:

(backorder atm, i don’t really care if I need to wait a little)

I read some reviews and while it gets decent ratings for color, contrast and brightness, there seem to be some issues with latency and screen tearing. Since I think about buying the monitor for screen space/productivity, that would not an absolute deal breaker for me, nonetheless I’m a little concerned.
I don’t game much, but I don’t want to sink money into a piece of hardware that possibly gives me the buyers remorse.

So the question is, any first hand reports on the issues described above?
@Positron maybe?

sorry for bad formatting, I’m really tired as I’m typing this

A very nice screen. I highly recommend it.

Latency is not an issue. The screen is not set at 75Hz and 5ms by default. Screen tearing is real but I leave Vsync on and things look great. I will probably get a Radeon GPU next to take advantage of Freesync. 75Hz is A LOT nicer than 60Hz. I am using it for Photoshop, 3D CAD. The screen seems like a cheap HP Pro screen with a few ‘gaming’ features. The extra 32" QHD screen space feels just right.

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Thanks for your reply. I ordered one and it should arrive sometime at the end of January.