[solved] How to make SSD (AHCI) for Windows 10

So i have bought a new SSD Samsung EVO 850.
Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3.
I currently have my OS on some Kingston SSD which is on IDE.
Can I clone my current OS to the new SSD to make it AHCI.
Or do i first clone it, then reinstall it again, but even so when and how I make it AHCI?

I've surfed for a while looking for solutions, but any of suggested methods, like:
-Putting BIOS to AHCI mode just gives me an error "inaccessible_boot_device"
-In regedit there's only HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\storahci\StartOverride
having some unusual stuff, because REG_DWORD is set to 3. Changing it to 0 doesn't help. After reboot it is back to 3. But loading in AHCI still gives this error of inaccessible_boot_device.
-Booting in safe mode isn't possible with the AHCI on.

So is it possible to get my OS to the new SSD using AHCI?
Note, that if it gets to reinstalling win10, I don't have installing disks and my Win product key is lost, thanks to the stupid hotmail (also stupid me, who didn't write it down on a piece of paper) which deleted my old messages where i had receipts...

have you been to this thing? maybe they broke it for 10

Sadly they've changed it... doesn't work :(

this guy confirms 7 fix dont work , but says it will boot in safe, have you followed as stated.. elevated

Nope, that has been tried as well... The safe boot thing just didn't do it... It throws the error before it could boot to the safe mode

after you changed the dword value from start overide to 0,
did you go into the bios and changed the setting from the sata port which your kingston ssd is connected on to ahci mode?

Yes, after setting up AHCI it restarts> boots> throws the error inaccessible_boot_device.
Only way to load the SSD is if i turn the AHCI off back to IDE.

hmm okay, then i think that a fresh re-install directly on your new samsung ssd in ahci mode would be the best way.

which sata port are you using for your SSD?

relevance undetermined.

I thought of that, but how I can ensure, that when installing it, it installs in AHCI.
I just made bootable usb-stick> put it in comp> set in bios AHCI> booted the usb-stick>then when selecting SSD it says it cannot open the selected drive. It asks for drivers to be added via usb, cd or from directory...

Windows 10 needs drivers for ahci mode install indeed.
which is a bit rediculous according to previous versions like windows 7 who could directly install to a drive in ahci mode.

What drivers and from where do i get them?

doesnt setting 3 to 0 force the driver to load?

which revision of your board do you have?

nope, for me it just throws the same error as before...


On the Gigabyte website you can search for driver downloads for you particular mobo.
Under windows 8.1 x64 you can find AHCI drivers.

And i use that even though i am installing win 10?

I hope, because under windows10 there are not furter more drivers availeble.

this 2nd page in here relevant to gigabyte boards is

have you been there?

suggesting to get your driver from amd not gigabyte

this website...

I don't know what I'm looking at here, I assumed 970 means 9 series chipset..