[SOLVED] Help with the ELECTRICALC PRO calulator

I purchased this calculator to make my electrical calculations easier.

I am trying to do basic kirchoff’s and ohm’s calculations. the descriptions said it can do this.
I try to type in two eletrical values expecting it to just know the the rest of the values after this but is dose not work. If I say type in the volts and the amps ohms will stay zero and watts will have a value but it will be wrong, I have been trying to find directions with little to no luck.

I figured it out

There’s also this android app which has a whole bunch of different electrical engineering equation calculations. It’s pretty good

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Mind telling us what you did to solve it for anyone else that sees this thread?


Yes its simple enough, for basic stuff you have to type in your value press the set button then the button for the value you are entering volts is Vdc, current is Idc and R esistance is R. The rest is pretty self explanatory sept for the more complex things, you can find YouTube videos for those though.

Usually it will come with a user manual but i got mine second hand. I did eventually find it on there website though.