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(SOLVED)Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700XT issue


I have an issue with my new Gigabyte RX5700XT 8GB video card. This video card is the only thing that is new in my system the rest is still the same when I used this system with 2 video cards, ASUS GTX160 6GB DUAL and a RADEON PRO WX7100.

MOBO : MSI Z370 GAMING M5 - CPU : i7-8700K (overclocked to 5Ghz) - RAM : 32GB (4x8) DDR4 2400Mhz (overclocked to 2800Mhz) - PSU : LC Power 1200W Platinum - CPU Cooler : Noctua D-15 - Boot SSD : 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD - DATA SSD : 500GB Samsung EVO - DATA SSD : 256GB SSD - DATA HD : 1TB HD 7200RPM - DATA HD : 500GB HD 7200RPM.

Several times when I use my PC, with games or some other applications the Radeon driver comes with a message that Watt-man has set all settings to default because of an issue with my system??? I did not change anything within the Radeon Driver that could bet set back to default. Video playback sometimes hangs and the system freezes for 10 seconds and then it runs again. When I watch temps and CPU clocks etc everything looks okay. Sometimes I get a blue screen. Nothing has changed in my system besides this new video card, with two video cards mentioned above I never had this issue, my system was okay and I never had an issue like this.
When I set the CPU and RAM clocks to stock the issue is still there.
The 5700XT is not overclocked.

What can I do to investigate this issue more? What tools can I use to generate the necessary information to investigate this more or what information do you need to help me. I suspect the video card but maybe you have other ideas what is wrong.

The issue seems to get worse and my PC gets stuck and freezes up more often even with any application I start. Even when I switch from Youtube to my Desktop suddenly my system hangs it self up.
Even more weird, a loud noice can be heard through my speakers. very loud distrorted sound.
This stops as soon as the PC unfreezes again.
When I check eventviewer I see nothing strange and/or errors. The only thing that comes up is Wattman saying, Wattman reset everything to default because of an issue with your system. This drives me nuts.
What I’m going to do now is install Windows 10 again from scratch.
Jeeeez, when I’m typing this update, again pc freezes, strange distrorted loud sound through my speakers and after 5 to 10 seconds the pc is okay again.

Many thanks in advance.

It sounds like you have a more than decent PSU, so probably no problems there (unless the cables are not seated in the new card correctly). Did you completely uninstall your old Nvidia and AMD drivers before putting in the new card?

I nearly always use DDU to remove old drivers before installing new ones, sometimes even when dealing with the same brand. Obviously a clean Win 10 install will achieve the same thing.

If that gets you no where I would seek to test the card in another system prior to returning, but if you can’t do that return it - the card could well be faulty.

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First of all, many thanks for your response.

To answer your questions :slight_smile:

** I used DDU to remove all of the drivers for the old video cards.

( With this in mind, gaming with the Radeon Pro WX7100 you will use the same driver as the Radeon RX 5700XT does, the adrenaline 2019 version, when you use this video card for rendering and what not you use the Pro driver, I removed it anyway.)

** I checked the power cables on the RX 5700 XT, reseated them twice, problem is still there.

** I checked everything else in my system and could not find anything that was wrong, disconnected and/or installed wrong.

** Then I tried to check every log file I could find, used several tools everybody uses but could not find anything, I even generated a report using the AMD Problem Report Wizard.

Besides the information about my system setup I could not make any sense of the other data in this report because it is unreadable, maybe AMD can import this report in their tool and read this gibberish.

** And Wattman keeps popping up saying : Default radeon wattman settings restored due to unexpected system failure!

** The problem gets worse and worse, my PC freezes up now with almost everything I do now.

I do not have another system at hand where I can test this card in.

** So nothing else can be done then try to clean install Windows10.

** I did, and guess what? Not once my system hangs itself up, no more that distorted sound out of my speakers, that sounded like it came directly out of a horror movie, really! Even my two German Shepherds ran out of the Livingroom, really!.

No more wattman messages and everything looks okay for now…keep my fingers crossed.

** I did send the report file that the AMD Problem Report Wizard generated to AMD but until now they did not respond yet.

I still wonder what was wrong and/or did I do something wrong.

The only thing I did is remove the old video cards, remove all of the old drivers and installed the new video card with its driver, that’s it.

Again many thanks for your response.

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I’m happy a fresh install fixed it. I’m gonna shrug and just mutter something about Windows. I am sure there is a perfectly logical explanation for the problem, just you will likely never know exactly what it was now :slight_smile:

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I will put an update here as soon I get a response from AMD, that report was created on my “faulty windows 10” setup.

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