SOLVED- Gamelaucher.exe shortcut problem -

— Sorry about the long delay in marking this solved, I figured out how to use Lutris finally a few months ago as of 10-3-20 when I migrated to LM 20 cinnamon 100% late July 2020 .

Below was a problem…now not anymore. Thanks to all who replied with your help. Cheers-

NO matter in which folder/directory and HOW I install any Windows-based games using Lutris or just lauNching the setup.exe file using " open with wine windows program loader" choice…, my shortcuts TO the actual game launching .exe file NEVER work unless the exact launcher file is in the EXACT same folder in which the original was auto generated when completing the game installation process.

This is extremely irritating considering in windows ( even since the xp days) I could just rightclick on the gamelauncher.exe file, “create shortcut in desktop” and leftclick drag that shortcut to ANY folder I want and it JUST…works.

THAT is what I want. I have a Games folder in Win 10 in which all my shortcuts just work. I don’t want a crap ton of other bs files to wade through in that Games folder If I can help it to get my preferred result successfully.

Please help,… someone?

Provide more details.

What OS? (you’re posting in BSD section, I am not sure if Lutris even works there)

If you’re using Lutris, why do you need shortcuts, you launch Lutris and click on the games you wanna play.

I do not get the problem

Sorry, I didn’t realize I posted under BSD under looking at it more closely now. I thought I just posted under general linux section.

I’ve tried Lutris and am not having good luck out of it.

Mint 19.1 cinnamon 64 bit ( stock cinnamon desktop )

I flagged for the mod’s to delete my original question from this section. Sorry

It can just be moved. Which someone has done for you.

Ok, so my solution I found so far is to install whatever Windows-only games ( that I didn’t buy through Steam in WIndows such as doom 2016, a Trine game or two, etc) … using “open with wine windows loader” when rightclicking on the installation.exe file of the game.

Then, I used Lutris to create the shortcut on the desktop after I’ve found the gamelauncher.exe file inside of .wine folder navigation confirming it works.

Finally, I leftclick drag THAT shortcut to any folder and it just works.

The minor problem was I wanted a one folder to deal with that has all my games’ one-click-to-launch the game shortcut files. . Yes…it’s petty but so what :smiley: It’s still one click to launch the game in the end versus two total clicks in Lutris or Steam.

So far…so good. COD4 MW1 from a decade + ago, Medal of Honor LE 2010, and Crysis 1 all work as they should. At this rate, I’ll have all of my games running either via Lutris+ wine, Steam, or Native Linux and can finally flip the bird loud and proud to Microsoft once and for all.

Thanks to whoever corrected/redirected my question to the right post. Cheers everyone.