[Solved] Display resets, eventually BSOD's "video_tdr_failure"

Today, out of nowhere, my Fury Tri-X started to reset display while gaming, and then continued doing that so badly that its impossible to click anything

Obviously, first I tried other two DisplayPorts, and HDMI, and DP to HDMI 2.0, didnt help
Then go back one mobo UEFI version, didnt help
While also just DDU wiping that GPU driver, which helped for brief moment


Then Win10 loads random driver from update which causes anything graphical to reset display, from Firefox to Start Menu, and even login screen

Blocked Win10 doing anything while installing latest GPU driver, but that ended up exploding display just the same way


HW list

Sapphire R9 Fury Tri-X 4GB
BenQ XL2730Z
AMD Ryzen 7 1700
ASRock X370 Taichi
G.Skill Flare X 2x8GB 3200MHz
Samsung 960 EVO 500GB
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
Kingston HyperX 3k 240GB
Corsair RM1000

No explosions

  • Safe Mode works just fine, I’m writing this from Safe Mode & Networking
  • Regular Win10 works also just fine, also edited topic from here :man_shrugging:t2:
  • X370 chipset drivers work
    I dont know if I can really uninstall chipset drivers


  • Latest GPU driver causes card to halt, reset display, and eventually BSOD “video_tdr_failure”
  • Previous GPU driver I’ve been using for longer time also does the same
  • Only installing GPU driver and not any of the other things also does the same


Sounds like a hardware problem to me.

Had something similar happen to my wife’s Fury. Any attempt to install any AMD 3D driver caused freezes, black screens and or BSODs. Would also sometimes fail to boot.

Needed to RMA the GPU. Forget exactly what XFX said was the problem but it was toast and they gave her a new card.

Tested card with my friends system and you were correct, broken

On that note while wondering if I still have any warranty left, browsing these 580 8GB’s

Sapphire cards from new to old

As I am checking my local pricing blue special edition would be cheapest 8GB model, oddly enough, 334,50 € :santa:t6:

Friend lended me GTX 560 1GB

Seems that these Nvidia drivers dont work, and these lock clocks down to 50 / 150 or something like that
“Only” working option is 378.92

Also, not sure at all regarding warranty, but have email response and its going forward