[solved] CPU Fan Will NOT Start Up

So recently, I went out and got a Noctua NH-U14S CPU cooler, The reason for this was because i thought my CPU fan died and i wanted a better cooler anyways, So i bought one. Installed it, Turned Charlotte on, And it does not spin... Ok.. So i plugged it into the CPU_OPT Input, Still Nothing, And i have the Red Light on for the CPU, Meaning Something is wrong, BUT WHAT?!?!

Is it the Motherboard? CPU? Or is it the Cooler?

What motherboard and what specifically is it displaying? Anything else besides the red light?

I am using the M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Motherboard with an AMD - FX - 8350 CPU and no, The CPU light just stays lit and nothing comes on the screen, CPU fan does NOT spin

sounds like the board took a shit.

Do any other fans spin?

could be the memory? try turning it on without any.

ALL of the other fans spin, Just not the CPU Fan, This is why i replaced my Stock Cooler, Because the CPU died, MEaning it stopped spinning so the computer would not load past post, So i got a new cooler thinking it was the cooler... Seems it might be something more severe...

I highly doubt it has anything to do with the memory considering the CPU light is lite up RED continuously.

Plug the cpu fan into a different fan header and see if everything works ok then

DO what the caveman see

Alright i will do so right now, But if i am not mistaking, The CPU will not go past Post if there is not soemthing plugged into the CPU Fan Plug, But i will try anyways, i am begginign to get desperate.

burned out cpu?you did say the fan died before?

Alright, So i plugged the CPU fan into ALL 5 Fan Headers, The Fan will NOT spin, Now what... ?

I am going to make a quick video and post a link for everyone to look at, Give me a few minutes guys.

Did you do any overclocking? 
Something somewhere may have burned itself, most likely your cpu since you had the stock cooler. 
Try doing a post without the ram, like has already been mentioned before. This is going to narrow down the problem to just the cpu and mobo. If you can get into bios by now, reset any changes that you have made, or just clear cmos. 

ok i'm interested to see how this looks

Give me a few minutes while i post this video then i will do so.

My video has sound but no video... Give me 5 minutes just in case it is not fully rendered yet.

I will also remove my RAM and see if that works as well while i am waiting.

And no i did NO over clocking, The MAX temp on the CPU was 64C and the max safe temp is 90C

So it's possible that the CPU burned out, But that still does not explain why the fan is not spinning either of the 5 Fan Headers, Im really beginning to think this is a Motherboard issue, But i am very much willing to try anything to confirm this 100%

Right now as you read this message i am removing the RAM.

Removed the RAM, Charlotte is still running as i type this, No post...

Everything is the same, Even if the RAM was still in...

I am literally about ready to cry... I have such bad luck with Computers even though i normally always know what im doing...