[Solved] Clone drive and expand it to fit new drive on Fedora

I installed Fedora 25 on a separate SSD and now I would like to transfer all the data to a new SSD that is bigger. The catch is that the source drive is encrypted (FDE).

I know how to use Clonezilla to transfer the data from drive to drive, but without any further work, my partitions will still be the same size. Is there a way how I can enlarge the partitions?

If the partitions are LVM you should be able to resize them even if they're inside LUKS i'd image.
But what I'd do is make a clean install on the big drive and just copy over all subfolders and files (also hidden) from /home to the new drive.
That's just saying if you're caring about your personal files only.



Okay, this was too easy :D

Here is a little how-to for those who want to do the same:

  • Clone old drive to new (bigger) drive using Clonezilla etc.
  • Install and run Gparted (you can also do it manually via Terminal). You might be prompted to fix the GPT when you run Gparted, so click "Fix".
  • Now change the size of the volume that holds the encrypted volumes, mine was /dev/sda3, by right-clicking on the entry in the list and choosing the resize option. Commit the changes with the green check mark.
  • Now close Gparted and start Terminal
  • In Terminal enlarge the /dev/fedora/root and /dev/fedora/home volumes to your liking by running the following command: lvextend -r -L+100G /dev/fedora/root and lvextend -r -L+100G /dev/fedora/home. I chose to keep the 50/50 split that I had on my old drive and added the newly available space on the drive in equal parts to the two volumes, but you can change the 100G to fit your needs (the + symbolizes relative values not absolute sizes). I'm not sure if the -r option is strictly necessary, but I found it in the man-page and thought it might be useful :D
  • After the command is done and the volumes are resized, you can verify your changes by running df -h.
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