[Solved] Best way to connect a Wii to a modern TV

Situation is as follows: My sister wiggled on the flimsy scart adapter cable and it broke. Now the connector for that on the TV is blocked.

The cable that died:

My idea were using one of the Wii to HDMI adapters like the following:

Or to use on of those RCA to HDMI converter boxes.

Any help would be appreciated.

This may or may not be a stupid questions but… why not just get a replacement adaptor?

You’re in Germany IIRC?

Pick one? :stuck_out_tongue:

oh wow … I just saw that last part where the port is blocked now… my bad~

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I used a Wii to HDMI that worked well enough for me to use a Wii with a 1920x1080 monitor. The thing looked like an odd USB thumb stick type of thing.

Just looked through my Amazon order history, this is the one I was using before I got bored with the Wii.


There seem to be 3 versions of those.
One without anything, just Wii to HDMI
Wii to HDMI and 3.5mm jack with button
Wii to HDMI and 3.5mm jack without button (the one you linked).

I think I will just order one of those and see how it goes.

If it was just that easy, I would have just ordered the same thing again, but it is never that easy.

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My mother would like to have a working Scart ot Composite input.

In theory, I could get a Composite to Component adapter and hook that up to the tv. That would be the cheapest option costing only 2€

Or one of these fuckers for 40€ (lots of active components, I guess).

Any advice?

Depends what the second one does since we don’t see the output? Is that analogue as well? If yes then I don’t see the point. If it’s HDMI then I can understand the price, and quality makes a massive difference for SCART -> HDMI.

The second one is a Scart to HDMI converter.
I could either get one of those or use a composite to HDMI converter (wich is 10€ cheaper).

Doesn’t really matter whether it’s Composite to SCART to HDMI, what counts are really the internal components, but hard to say for pretty much noname products… :confused:

Everything in the 50€ class will be no-name.
Even the Roland VC-1-SC (900€) gets mixed reviews at times.

Analogue transmission sucks…

You could also buy a wii u. If you could fine one cheap.

Ordered this, package arrived, plugged it in, set it to 720p 50Hz and it works. Audio via HDMI is there, picture quality is as good as it gets for 480i upscaled.
Case closed.