[Solved] Best GPU ($230) for my pc?

But what if I overclock the Phenom?

Yes to both, you will be able to OC for sure. One thing aobut the ram you have chosen, it has tall heatsinks and you might have some clearence issues with that 212 EVO. You can look for a low profile Vengeance kit to avoid any issues(they are similar prices here) or just go for it and deal with the issues as they arise during assembly.

With that new system, you can use it to melt all that snow when the storm is over and warm up the entire town too!

Haha sorry forgot to write down low profile behind it. I already have some experience with high profiles (not particular good ones :D) So that's why I already had the low profile ram included. Well I'm going to order soon and I will let you know when it arrived and I might need some help, I'm still pretty new to this but only if you don't mind ofcourse. But I wish you a merry christmas and an happy new year for the time being.

AAAAAAAAnd......I don't think the entire towns fits in my house :D

P.S: Do I have to email you when I want to ask some questions? or just make a new topic in the forum?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well, just make a new post on the forums. Tons of folks here who will help you out with any help you need during assembly and all that good stuff. Take care and be safe Jursuy!