[SOLVED] Audio diagnostic issues (Manjaro KDE newb)

Hey, new to linux so I’m not sure how to even start my diagnostic… so my apologies if this is an easy fix.

I’ve installed spotify from this guide:

It works, but if I adjust my line out at all (via taskbar or keyboard shortcuts as usual) it mutes the spotify application for some reason. Not even sure where to begin, any help would be great!

EDIT1: Since posting, I’ve determined it’s because of the applications I’m running. Specifically teamspeak3…

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How do you adjust your line out ? Volume ? Change of device ?

Icon on the KDE taskbar then select it, or if I use the keys built into my keyboard it adjusts the line out. If I don’t have teamspeak open, theres no issue.

I can have audio from a game, firefox, etc going, adjust the line out, and it adjusts the level correctly. Except spotify, it mutes. But it only mutes if teamspeak is open. Otherwise, it levels fine with everything else.

So the conflict has to be somewhere between spotify and teamspeak imo but i have no idea how to resolve that

It’s because of the way pulseaudio detects team speak as a “phone” so it mutes other audio streams.



Resolved, thank you! Should’ve been more direct in my searches. I was looking for audio conflict and priority issues in linux rather than spotify and teamspeak specifically.


Good job, mate

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