[Solved] Any eyefinity users able to help? (7 display config)

Tl;dr: how to enable only 3 of the 6 eyefinity-able displays in to one display group?

Okay, so currently using this 7 display configuration. Long story short I was able to get 6 20" dell 1680*1050 monitors for stupid cheap (three of them for free) and finally got a stand, cables, and hub necessary to get it running. Overhead is a 4k 40" Samsung currently running at 1080p/120.

(disregard desk mess)

They’re not the best monitors, but for what I do, mainly homelab stuff with gaming on the side, the screen real estate is amaaazing.
Here’s what I’m wanting to do. I’m wanting to set up a profile with the bottom 3 displays in an eyefinity group for sim gaming. Simple, right? Just go in to the radeon setting menu and go. Okeydokey.


Quick setup just selects all available monitors for grouping and slaps em together, giving a 2x3 group, not what I want, so in to advanced setup we go.


Note that “All connected displays” is not a button. Same with standard, mixed dimension, and mixed alignment.
Mmk so let’s hit next.

Screenshot (1)

Okay, cool. let’s just hit 3x1 that’s what we want, right? Well, yes, but no.



That’s the 6 displays in a weird 5040x1050 stretched resolution, and all out of order to boot, sometimes crashing the amd control center host application mid-apply.

Then, to go back to the way things were, for some odd reason the eyefinity group no longer exists even though it sees all the monitors and the two resolutions it’s pushing. So, you have to add a 3x2 display group, disable the display group, then re-enable all the monitors in screen resolution settings while fighting windows explorer randomly crashing and racing for the “keep changes” button while all the displays are out of order.

Anyone have guidance?

After creating the group you may have to re-organize it. After the first group is created there should be an additional menu for reorganizing where you can drag and drop the displays (can’t create screenshots since I’m at work, but it should be added to the list on the left).

Thanks but unfortunately no dice, that only brings up a way to select where each monitors is, lights up each monitor blue. No way to remove displays after creating.
Screenshot (2)

OK maybe I misunderstood the original post then…

I understood that you were able to create 2 3x1 configurations already, but the monitors were in the wrong place.

If you want to remove or add a physical display from or to a display group you need to remove and recreate the group as far as I know. I haven’t found an edit for an existing group (here at work at least, I don’t use it at home).

Nevermind I think I understood now…

You want this:

           |        |
           |  40''  |
           |        |
|  20''  | |  20''  | |  20''  |
|       3x 20'' Eyefinity      |

This correct?

But now the 6 buttom displays are in one group that the driver thinks are 3 displays in a 3x1 configuration?

Problem is I have only 2 monitors here (and at home), so I can’t test with as many monitors…
Here at work it shows how many displays it is adding to the group though. It says “2 Displays (1x2)” and “2 Displays (2x1)” in the creation… There doesnt seem to be an option there for you…

/edit 2
Just for clarification.
You do not want to do 2 groups of 3x1 right?
Because that doesn’t seem to be possible at this time:

You only want 1 group of 3x1 (bottom), 3 single 20’’ displays (top) and the single 40’’ display above, correct?

You are correct, only the bottom 3 displays in eyefinity, and even when I tell it to create a 3x1 group, it creates a 5040x1050 screen spanned across all 6 (not just 3) displays, thus stretching the resolution. Weirder still when I tell it to create the 3x1, it usually crashes the driver, and when I re-open the driver, supposedly I have no eyefinity group set up, even though it is.

Yeah I read about the driver crashing and not showing the group anymore too…

Two things you can try:

  1. In the help text (see the question mark at the top) it says:

An AMD Eyefinity display group is a combination of displays that work together as a single desktop. A display can be part of a group only if it is supported by the current display configuration and is currently disabled or associated with a duplicated desktop.

and further down:

Additional layouts can be made available by disabling extended displays. If prompted, choose to proceed by disabling extended displays or keeping the current display selection.

I can’t see how you set up your multiple-display config in windows. But as I understand you need to disable extending to additional displays. Use duplicating or choose only to use display 1 (or 2, 3, whatever):
It’s german but you’ll get the gist :slight_smile:

The problem is that even though you are choosing only the 3 bottom displays as “one” display it is extended to the upper displays by windows (not Eyefinitiy) if you don’t disable extending. You’d need to set a different (bigger) resolution which the driver doesn’t allow since it tells windows that this is the maximum resolution.

Eyefinity creates a virtual display and the configured displays in that group don’t exist as far as Windows is concerned. Think of Eyefinity as a phyiscal display, everything else works the same way in windows. When you install Windows with only 1 monitor and plug in a second monitor you have to configure it the same way.

  1. If that fails too try physically disconnecting the upper displays, create your group with the remaining 3 bottom displays and plug the upper displays back in. Theoretically it should preserve the created group while having the 3 displays show up separately. But I suspect that Windows would remember the displays and set the same properties as before, so you’d need to disable extending again.

It’s a bit complicated to explain :confused:

Got it working! What you said lead me to a d’oh moment.
So, first I tried to disconnect the 3 bottom displays from display settings, then from the amd eyfinity advanced settings use the “only displays that are not being used” option

Created a 3x1, and … No dice.
Created a 3x1 group across 4 displays, including one that was “disconnected”

Then I tried reverse, disconnecting the top 3 via display settings, then going in and selecting “all connected displays”, and same thing, same 4 monitors lit up.
(realize, between each of these steps I need to reboot for all of the eyefinity settings to fully discard, the advanced settings menu still thinks I have one active even after discarding)

So then I went AHA!

I manually disconnected the dvi cables the top 3 displays, created a group via the quick setup option (NOT the advanced settings, that one seemed to randomly crash every time for some reason), then manually connect the 3 top displays again. and kabam.

Now I can dis/re-enable this eyefinity group with ALL 7 displays connected whenever, and it works as expected.

If I were to guess, the reason why this kept flubbinng up is because of the displayport MST hub. those four that activated when I activated the 3x1 group were all connected through there. Sorta kinda makes sense.