[SOLVED]AMD RX 470, dual monitor, screen unknown error

OK guys, real conundrum here.

Got the newish RX 470 for a gift from a friend. Nice gesture, I haven't played with AMD cards in a long while.

Installed card, went into windows cause I thought that would be the most hassle drivers wise to install. After all, Linux has been good to me. Those drivers go relatively smooth, I am very happy.

Now I go to Linux, and oh my god, everything's topsy turvy. Main monitor was off, two side one were on, with desktops being mirrored. Go to displays, and my Monitors are no longer detected. Just says unknown monitor. No resolution changing, nothing.

I've tried to install drivers from the welcome screen using additional drivers, but it doesn't detect it. Only thing I get is a driver for microcode for my processor.

It's like Linux doesn't even know what to do with the gpu let alone two monitors.

Main monitor is an Acer 21 inch screen connected by DVI. My side monitors are connected via converters to D-Sub VGA connectors through the Display Ports.

Please help, I'm all confused.. And going to bed. Hope you guys can figure this out over night. Or have some clues.

Thanks in Advance!

What version of Linux/distribution are you using (uname -a)? It's possible that your kernel version doesn't have support for the RX470.

We need the distro and kernel version. AMD has completely revamped the driver stack for their GPU. They are not yet integrated to the distros. That is why the additional driver does not find it. The open driver stack (MESA etc) actually works great currently. You probably have a distro with an older kernel and an older version of MESA and thus you get this. You just need to update the drivers/kernel and you will be fine.

(additional drivers suggests ubuntu 16.04 or 16.10?Let us know if that is correct)

I'm running Ubuntu Mate 16.10. I may be going back to stock Ubuntu 17.04. But for now it's 16.10.

Stock 17.04 should have the stable open drivers that are recent enough. It should work out of the box.

If you do not want to change the ubuntu version use uuku to install 4.9 kernel or over and use this PPA for the latest stable MESA drivers :


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Ok, will try it.

Ok seems it's working with one monitor, but I am not getting internet. Am connected with Ethernet. In terminal I can ping Google DNS and it comes back on, but default Firefox can't see outside world. Network icon on top has my two network interfaces greyed out, but I can still edit them with network manager. All other devices on my network have internet. Am trying to install u Ubuntu 17.04. Amd phenom ii x6, MSI 970a-g46 motherboard, and Intel nic card for Ethernet cause onboard one's port doesn't hold cables anymore thanks to best friend. Help please.

FUCK it. I don't need to be on bleeding edge. I'll stick with 1604 on stock Ubuntu cause everything else hates my new video card and hates my network setup. I'm covered in 1604 Ubuntu, cause everything is just working and I'm sick of being in windows... I don't mind Windows​ for gaming but anything else and it just seems so close minded. Sorry for wasting everyone's time.

You can just update the kernel and drivers while still being on 16.04. 4.9 kernel and mesa stable from the PPA i gave you are not bleeding edge but stable releases. They should be fine...

Just first update the kernel using ukuu and then update MESA from the PPA. I am using the exact same card and works fine...

BTW: the network manager thing is really screwed up in stock ubuntu for some reason. Ubuntu-derivatives seem to solve this issue much more reliably.

that's the strange thing, in Stock 16.04 ubuntu and ubuntu mate my network stuff works perfectly, but when I tried to go 17.04 for everything this morning? Nothing worked. Yeah, I had network connectivity, could see other computers, but no outside access. It's like the internet for this particular computer just disapeared. Got pissed off, couldn't find any answers and am now back to stock ubuntu 16.04 and lo and behold everything works right out of the box.

I am mentally exhausted this morning from this whole ordeal. Something that should have took 15 minutes at the most, took almost 4 hours until I finally got tired, asked for help, got even more frustrated with Windows and decided fuck it. Went back to stock Ubuntu for the interim till everyone seems to catch up.

Last time I upgrade this linux machine until I see something stable. I like shiny and new, but this was fucking ridiculous.

Not even stock ubuntu 17.04 fixed anything. So back to what I know till either A) I learn more, or B) get better at asking questions and providing info for you lovely people.

OK, so will I have any more surprises if I update to the newest kernel? I don't need my system to suddenly lose internet again. So far everything works out of the box, and also, no screen tearing.

It should work fine...Additionally the older kernel is still there if the update has issue. You just go to advance options in grub boot up with the default kernel and you just remove the new one...So no danger for anything to break..

16.04 had similar issues when it came out last year. Till they fixed it. Interestingly the derivatives/alternatives (ubuntu mate , mint etc) did not...That is why i tend to avoid stock ubuntu...

Yeah, everything I tried - Mate, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, - derivatives that are the main ones for 17.04 had the same problem, and I figured it's something that just needs to be fixed. But I live on my PC and can't wait.

But thanks for all the feedback. Will check out updating the Kernel. Wish Ubuntu made it as easy as they do in Mint for Kernel swapping.

Strangely enough, I like the features in Mint, but the desktop is horrid and doesn't like my Acer monitor. It freaks out and ignores it totally, or the screen is only half high.

That is why you should use ukuu. It is exactly that....And the mint updater only has the ubuntu kernels integrated. ukuu has all of them...

You can always get Mint with mate. Is is more reliable than cinnamon in those respects.

Tried with Mate, still same problem. I must have hardware that's incompatible monitor wise. Think I need to buy diff monitor to fix that issue.

Am I right in assuming that Ukuu is in the repositories already, or do i need to use synaptic package manager to get it?

I am not sure...but you can get it just by adding this PPA:

Could also be old driver issue. Mint is still 16.04 on its basis. A kernel and MESA update might fix that as well

Probably, but I've got stuff working now, and not gonna wait another 15 or so minutes to install another OS. Thanks though.

One more thing to ask, sorry.

How in the hell do I stop Ubuntu from stopping the damned mouse every time I hit the edge of a monitor. Been months since I used stock Ubuntu and I can't remember for the life of me.

I am sorry no idea...I have not used Unity in years...Maybe try hot corners configuration?

Oh my god i'm blind. It's in Displays... sticky edges... fml