Soldering Iron Setup (RE: PINECIL - Soldering Iron w/a RISC-V Processor!)

Thought I would upload some pics of my portable soldering iron setup which has replaced my jink desktop unit.

The TS-80 is USB C and I run it from a little quick charge 3.0 power bank. The whole setup fits into a neat little pelican case using 2 3d printer brackets to keep the iron in place.

For such a small unit, it heats up faster than my LARGE desktop unit which uses 240v AC!

For less than $200 Aussie I think this type of setup is a much have for everyone!



Neat! Personally, I prefer my mains soldering iron and for more constructive work an RSU :slight_smile: And I haven’t used it for ages, but I did learn to use a blow-torch to hard-solder HVAC tubing. (copper/brass, Alu, stainless steel)

I’ve been looking to do something like this for a while. Tried with a TS80, didn’t manage to do the needful. I’ll be trying again when my pinecil shows up. Thanks for the inspiration!

It doesn’t have a blow torch which is a bit of a bummer, but its efficiency and portability make it good for pretty much all of the stuff I need it for. My desk unit has a blow torch which didn’t work from day 1, so any soldering that is surface mount or the likes, I sneak into a lab at a local university to get it done (shhhh)

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Hot “tip” for young players, a Velcro strap to hold the iron in stops it rattling around like a coin in a can (forgot to mention it in the post).

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Get yourself a little container for that brass wool.


I was thinking about putting it in a little plastic baggy, but i don’t buy enough coke to have a spare one lying around. =P

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Anything that will catch the solder balls then you scrape it. Even like a egg carton or something, though it may be too light.

Very nice.
I have a similar TS80P setup.
Much more compact but without a power-bank.
So it’s more portable by the “throw it into a bag” rather than “solder in the field” standard.

The whole thing is 18cm x 7cm x 4cm and contains:

  • TS80P
  • 2 tips
  • solder
  • disassembly hex wrench
  • 45W USB-PD/QC3 charger (came with the TS80P)
  • US>EU adapter
  • USBC<>USBC cable
  • mini stand with some wool for tip cleaning

Is there no concern about scorching the cardstock on an egg carton?
It is pretty thick I guess, and super cheap to replace

The drop will cool long before there is a chance of scorching (or fire).
Different story with the soldering tip.

A sheet of MDF works nicely as a work surface.

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Oh, I thought the wire wool was for “scraping” remnants of still wet, and dried solder/flux off the tip.

Thanks though

Oh, my bad! I completely misread the conversation! :man_facepalming:

Yeah, the brass wool is to clean the tip (like the “classic” wet sponge).

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Ah, I see, so you were thinking cardboard as a work mat, hence any stray drops cooler by the time they hit the deck?


Very nice, my setup is only slightly larger coming in at 18cm X 9cm x 6cm. I don’t carry spares (although I should) but I could fit a few tips in there if I needed.

The best thing about my setup is its hard and water proof case, and the power bank meaning I can solder on an jetstar from Sydney to Melbourne.

Good to see the TS-80s making their rounds =D

Man, do I have a clean TIP!