*SOLD* [WTS] Pair of Dell Poweredge 1800 Servers

I have a pair of Dell Poweredge 1800 servers for sale. They are $100.00 a piece. The servers are clean and in good condition. Hard disks have been removed. From looking at other similar servers, I think this is a fair price.

One server has a tape drive. Both have 2GB of PC3200 memory. One is 2x1GB, the other is 4x512MB. Both machines are powered by a single Intel Xeon processor, but the motherboard can accommodate two processors. The processor is 2.8GHz.

Can we please have some internal photos - and as per forum rules your forum name and the date written on paper in the photos as well

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Sorry about that. I'll take new fotes.

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More pic plz if u still have them

I'm sorry. I don't have them anymore.

Presumed sold.