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[SOLD] Vega 56 and watercooling loop stuff


Too tempted by RVII and so I’m probably pulling the ripcord on that sometime today.

In the meantime since I have no use for it and had my fun with watercooling I want to sell everything I have for it at once if possible.

List of stuff is RX Vega 56 with XSPC waterblock installed (with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste), original cooler and box included, 1x280mm radiator, 1x120mm radiator, AMD Ryzen/AM4 waterblock (mounting hardware for Intel included as well), plenty of fittings including loop temperature sensor, 16mm soft tubing included (should be enough for a standard tower case), XSPC pump and reservoir combo, RGB LED’s for GPU, CPU and reservoir included, RGB 4-pin splitters included.

My OC’s have gotten me to ~1650MHz actual, 1040MHz HBM2 in gaming and 1100MHz in benchmarks (Valley, Superposition and Firestrike, etc.) and currently the card is living with its stock BIOS but does well with a V64. Superposition score is here:

Photos of stuff:

I’d like to avoid splitting things up unless you want JUST the watercooling bits, in which case selling the card should be pretty easy.

Asking $600 $500 shipped.

Thanks @anon94261841 for reminding me:



Will be corrected momentarily; listed several places and forgot :sweat_smile:



Bump and price decrease. Don’t make me put it on Reddit!

$500 shipped.



Sold locally.

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