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[SOLD] Dell Precision M4800

Several thing to sell, all the pictures are underneath the descriptions.

Dell Precision M4800 | SOLD
16GB ram, Intel i7-4800MQ, Nvidia Quadro K2100M, SSD Samsung 840 EVO 1TB, 3200x1800p, Windows 10 Pro. French Canadian ANSI keyboard layout.
Shipping will be around $29 CAD in Canada and $35 US to CONUS

Cooler Master Gemini M4 with 120 NZXT fan | SOLD
In good condition. Replaced the stock fan with a NZXT one. 70mm tall with the fan. Comes with the mounting brackets for LGA2066, LGA2011, LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA775, FM2+, FM2, FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2, AM2+.

Silverstone AR05 CPU cooler | SOLD
In good condition, for 65W TDP, Intel Socket LGA1150/1151/1155/1156 and AMD Socket AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2 compatible

In good condition. Includes everything that came in the box.

1TB Samsung 850 Pro | SOLD
In good condition. It has 26.6TB of write. Secure erased.

Corsair CS550M | SOLD
In good condition. Comes with all the modular cable and the power cord.

Asus Z140-A Deluxe | SOLD
In good condition also. No bent pins. Comes with two SATA cable, the m.2 mounting screw, thingy for front io, io cover, and plastic protecting socket.

HyperX 2x8GB (16GB) Ram DDR4 2133| SOLD
In good condition also. Nothing more to say.

Intel i5-6400 | SOLD
In good condition. Come with the original box and CPU cooler.

Final Audio B2 | SOLD
Like new, I only used them for two hours. The treble are lacking for my taste, and it hurts my ears because my ears are weird. I already have a post on them but posted them here to consolidate everything I have to sell.

Dan Cases A4-SFX V1 | SOLD
In good condition. First version of the case with usb 3.0 front header and. Includes the manual and the screws obviously. As it is light shipping is like around $17 CAD in Canada.

ASRock H270M-ITX/ac motherboard | SOLD
Motherboard in good condition. Has never been used for overclocked. All pins are intact in the socket. Comes with all accessories.

SilverStone 500W SFX-L 80 Plus Gold (SX500-LG) | SOLD
In good condition. A little bit dusty. Includes all modular cables and screws.

Prices are negotiable

Timestamps and pictures:
Dell M4800

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SX500-LG added

how much for power supply very interested

oh sorry just saw price for the ps, what is your shipping situation? I am in the US, hawaii in particular, and i just dont know what to expect for shiping rates

Well, it is less bad than I would have thought. It would be $28.12 CAD ($20.6 US) to get it shipped to 96701 (somewhere on Honolulu) with Canada Post Tracked Packet - USA. The package is just shy of the 2 kg limit.

hey hows it going, thanks so much for getting back to me quick. considering the asking price and shipping, I have to hold off right now. gosh I want it though. Same goes for the laptop… I live on a very very small fixed income. I imagine they are in your way, and you want them gone. If no picks the laptop up, maybe I could send you payments on the laptop and you could send after last one was received. The power supply I guess I probably would only want to pay $80 (U.S) with shipping included in that… That’s probably way too low for you…

Shipping included I would be ready for $90 US

Update: ASRock H270M and Dan A4 sold on ebay.

damn, i was trying to squeeze ya for another ten buck on the psu, on my next check, but would have paid the 90, ya snooze ya lose.

Sorry I didn’t knew you were still interested in it

Added i5-6400, HyperX 16 GB Ram DDR4 2133, 1TB Samsung 850 Pro, EVGA GTX 750 1GB, Asus Z170-A Deluxe, Corsair CS550M, Cooler Master Gemini M4.

Was lazy so all the mobo and cie was not diaasemble for the pictures. I leave it partly build in case someone buy the whole computer locally. But if you’re interested by one of the component indivudally I can disassemble and take pictures without any problems.

Remove pictures of stuff sold to clean posting.

Should add smart data / Samsung magician page on the drive to help with sale


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CPU, ram and mobo sold on ebay throughout the week.

Dell Precision M4800, SSD, GPU, PSU and two low-profile cpu coolers still available

Any chance you live close to MI I want that 750 it’d be perfect.

Im in QC. The 750 with shipping would be 54$US

Corsair CS550M sold locally and Samsung 850 Pro sold on reddit. Removed pictures of stuff sold, and added picture of the Geminii without timestamps. There is a picture of the cooler with the mobo and timestamps. If it is inadequate feel free to let me know.

(Also adjusted the conversion to USD for the laptop)

GTX 750 sold locally. As there is 3 items left, I just put them all in the title. Removed unecessary pictures.

Price drop for the laptop from $940 CAD ($675 US) to $860 CAD ($615 US)

Only the Dell Precision M4800 left to sell. Updated the picture with up-to-date timestamps and price drop to $820 CAD ($590 US)