Sol Republic Master Tracks, SteelSeries H9, or Siberia Elite?

So I am making a small audio studio for gaming, voice acting, and music making but I need some advice. Now I know I am getting a Blue Yeti but in terms of getting a headphones I am in awe by the vast amounts of products out there. I have a limited budget so I can't go above $200 on the headphones/headsets.


I need a headset/headphones that will allow to me to have superb audio quality, little to no noise, can handle the lows of basses and trebles(I already tried with dr. dre's beats but don't like it due to the audio channels blending together), have surround sound capability[Dolby 7.1] and has that surround sound technology where I can hear EVERYTHING in gaming such as CS:GO.


I did my research and I limited down to three: The Sol Republic Master Tracks, The SteelSeries H9, and SteelSeries Siberia Elite. I know I want the MT for the audio quality but the SteelSeries headsets has that device where you can connect your 0.9mm(correct me if I'm wrong) audio jack to a usb audio device and hook that to a USB hub and, what from what I heard, can kill the noise and make the audio pure digital.


Any advice or suggestions will suffice. Thank you and happy new year.