Software Hacking Info

Hello fellow Tek Syndicate members,

I am a programmer still in college and I find software hacks extremely interesting and was wondering if anyone had any cool articles or videos similar to what JoshSpeed posted about RA flooding. I really enjoyed that video allot since the information was presented in a college lecture fashion.

I personally believe that knowledge of how to manipulate computer systems is very important to programmers in developing better more secure software practices and to innovate on user interaction. Since hacking has a very intimate knowledge of data structures and unusual ways to interact with software from a client stand point it is a great topic to learn about.

So anything from cryptography to pen testing is welcome.

Thanks in advance for your input

Search youtube for DEFCON, Shmoocon, Blackhat, and CCCen. They are hacker conferences where you'll find tons of lectures all about stuff from stack smashing buffer overflows, to lockpicking, to decapping MCUs, and everything in between.

Also you might want to pick up some back issues and a subscription to 2600. Available in dead tree and kindle formats.

Awesome, I didn't know they had their conferences on youtube. Thanks a bunch guys.