Software for networking practice?

Whattup guys,

Do you know any software that is dedicated for practicing standard tcp/ip networking? The only one I know is PacketTracer but it's oriented to Cisco Devices, I'm looking for something standard.



well if your computer/server can support it, VM Ware and some vlans running linux 

I'm looking into that direction now.

Do look into packettracer though - very good tool for visualizing how things work. Nicer than pen and paper at least. Plus the cisco command line is handy to know, use and abuse.

Yeah actually that's the first one I tried, but I'm also doing non cisco stuff.

Try GNS3. It supports Cisco and Juniper hardware, and can bridge to VirtualBox VMs; especially good if you want to use a Linux VM as a router (static/RIP/OSPF).

If you've got a spare server, put in a crapload of NICs and install Proxmox Virtual Environment, or maybe try PHPvirtualbox (just my suggestion, never actually used PHPvbox, but I HAVE used Proxmox and I love it)