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So I have this dilemma…

I have a Poweredge T320. It came with a PERC H710P card. I bought a H310 card that was flashed to IT mode to use for SoftRAID (MDADM or ZFS).

Would I be better off under Ubuntu or CentOS if I used the PERC H710P Hardware RAID or stick with MDADM/ZFS? I specifically want the best performance and drive monitoring I can get along with the ability to SSD cache the array.

then you want a softraid.

but I have not found a way or guide for setting up SSD caching for my existing MDADM RAID6 array. I have 2 NVMe 970 EVO drives I want to use for caching. I made a second RAID1 array using them on a whim.

If you want the best speed mirrors are the way to go afaik. I dont know if you can do lvmcache or bcache with your existing setup and not have to format but if you did a raid controller youll have to format anyway. :man_shrugging: I would just rip the bandaid off.

so rip off the bandaid and use hardware RAID and LVM to do caching?
Or, can I just setup LVM on my MDRAID6 and NVMe cache pool?
The RAID6 is still “synching”