Socket FM2+ Low Profile Cooler

Hey guys,

Does anyone know a good low profile cooler for the FM2+ socket? It is to overclock the Athlon x4 760k, and the cooler has to fit in the CM Elite 130.


Thanks :)

if budget isn't an issue... this low profile cooler and fan are the best on the market. most people haven't heard of scythe as their main focus is corporations with their extreme performance fans, the custom cooling crowd has a cult following for their performance. 

Edit: just found the fan can be mounted to the inside of the cooler so if you need more room for air flow that's an option.

I never heard of them, looks like an excellent product though. I will try to remember them the next time I need a cpu cooler. 

Thank you for your answers :) I think i will go with the Noctua, as i am afraid the Scythe won't fit in with the other parts :)

The elite 130 is technically designed for a 120mm AIO so any standard heatsink might get choked out

yes, please consider this.

all in one water cooler?