So who here plays Warframe at the moment?

Kind of new here. Been a fan of Wendell and PGP since Tek Syndicate days for a while but was never really on the forums as such so apologies if I'm going about this in the wrong way but was curious especially with the new expansion (The War Within) coming out who here plays Warframe at the moment? Or might be getting back into it now a new expansion is out?


I play Warframe, but have the issue that it really didn't provide much from grinding for upgrades to the warframe. I've got about 100hrs in it and always seem to fall into the bored/what else to do list after about 20hrs... Hope this expansion is a plus.

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I'll probably jump into it to see what they have added. Tho diablo 3 has been calling my name for a while now so we will see.

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As someone who spend 300 hours on Warframe via PS4, I told myself I'm not starting the game again on PC until Valkyr Prime Access and what do you know, it has been leaked. Guess you know what I'm doing next week.

I also know @KuramaKitsune plays Warframe as well so you can talk to him/her.

I can play with you if you want but understand that I'm at Vor's Prize. Only thing good on me is Anniversary Weapons.

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I updated my Diablo 3 but I'm going to wait until the Necromancer comes out so I don't burn myself out on it

As far as Warframe goes I literally have thousands of hours on it

I do not mind helping players,
but at the same time don't expect me to grab my max level gear a flame thrower and completely obliterate shit for you.

I won't play FOR you.

but I will definitely help you get to where you need to be

The game has a lot of ground so having someone come in and just destroy the mission for you isn't going to give you a good experience

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I play the fuck outta Warframe.

I'm Mr-Pimpity IG.


Nice looking Nyx Prime.

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to keep life simple i try to use the same username in games

Warframe account is the same name as my username if either @Zypher720 or @SnowHeart wants a playmate. I'm just to let you know that I probably will not play this week due to school projects but next week I'm on break.

I will probably hop on the Warframe in about a half an hour or so

My Warframe and Steam account is SnowHeart119 for anyone who wants to know and add me. I will probably also not play much this week as I'm tied up a lot at work atm but if weekend and next week is fair game.

Just fair warning I usually play Solo a lot as I don't have many friends who play Warframe or at least not on PC so whilst I have played 140-ish hours I'm not claiming to be any good when with other people.

Oh that won't matter with me too much. Heck, you do not have to talk much if you do not want. I plan on playing Solo anyway since I done my fair share of Coop on PS4 but I always like a coordinated team. What are you trying to accomplish? Get to The War Within or whatever? I have a lot of catching up to do if I want to get some gear for myself.

Honestly just have fun and get caught up on some story stuff. I know I'm pretty far behind the War Within stuff I would think. I'm up to the Quest 'The New Strange' after 'Stolen Dreams', but haven't really started it yet. Also just get some more planets unlocked since I'm still missing quite a few.