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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?



Yeah, I remembered listening to that album a few years ago. Decided to listen to it last night. Did not disappoint.







I’ve been listening to this album, pretty much non-stop since it came out. So amazing. This song features Jonas Renske.



Having a throwback session at work today. Take me back to being a 16yo screamo kid with no cares or responsibilities.




One of my favourites this year. Hadn’t seen the video before, it’s fucking gold.


I only discovered them about a week ago… maybe album of the year for me. I wish I had found out sooner because they were here last month… and in July as well.

This past trip through Minneapolis was opening for Revocation.


More December releases:

Tuskar (Stoner/Sludge/Doom)

Oakhaart (Technical, Progressive Death)

Nightwitches (Stoner/Doom)

Comatose Vigil (Funeral Doom)

Blood Feast (Thrash)

Witching Hour (Black/Thrash/Speed)

Sulphur Aeon (Death)


I’ve been listening to this.

The symphonic parts are too gud


I just can’t get enough of Behemoth… “I love you at your darkest” is amazingly good…


What’s 2019 have in store for us? Here’s some upcoming January releases:

Legion of the Damned (Thrash/Death)

Voidblast (Thrash)

Dust Bolt (Thrash)

Flotsam and Jetsam (Power/Thrash)

Musmahhu (Death)

Mortal Scepter (Blackened Thrash, Speed)

Hollow Leg (Sludge/Doom)

Evergrey (Progressive/Power)

Oblivion (Tech Death)

…nothing too great yet. Hopefully we’ll get some more announcements soon.



Posted this in the greatest piece of music ever created thread


SHOW-Ya WAYS 1986, bought it on vinyl from discogs. got two more albums on the way.


@kat @steinwerks new Rotting Christ