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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?



Guilty pleasure song/album/band




Nostalgia for me tonight


Starting with a heavier one and the last one is a bit different in its style.



The vocalist from Ex Deo is also in Kataklysm FYI.

Actually most of the members are.


@Steinwerks I actually didn’t know that, thanks.

Currently listening some Kataklysm.


Saw them way back at the Shadows and Dust tour.

Really amusing to see where death metal videos have come from:



I dont think I’ll ever get tired of this track:



… does oldish heavy metal belong here or in the non metal thread lmao. Because I know the genre has been redefined a crap ton and I don’t want someone that listens to newer metal tell me that Black Sabbath and Quiet Riot isn’t metal when I truly believe bands like those defined the genre as a whole. It certainly isn’t anything extreme but they are bands I enjoy. Sorry to get off topic. That was a serious question because I listen to a lot of that stuff.

But anyway I don’t care much for Danzig but I can’t stop listening to this…

However messed up it might be :slight_smile:


Well, black sabbath would be doom metal and quiet riot would be hair/heavy metal, so I’d say it would belong here :slight_smile: There’s no structured rule really. A lot of speed metal could also be qualified as a hard rock variant, but its all fair game. If you think its metal go ahead and post it.


I wouldn’t say it’s been “redefined” so much as simply expanded upon. The list of metal subgenres is insanely long now, but it all started with Black Sabbath. There were bands that used elements that would help define some of those subgenres before them (i.e. Led Zeppelin), but Sabbath was the first true “Metal” band.

That just displays ignorance on their part. The definition of metal is extremely broad nowadays. Just because it isn’t “extreme brutal technical deathgrindcore” or whatever doesn’t mean bands like Quiet Riot, Sabbath, or Iron Maiden are any less “metal”


Antiverse (Death/Thrash) album coming in October.


There are bands like Silent Civilian that are considered Metal Core.


Just came by this from Spotify radio.



Hot dang! Cancer is releasing their first album in like 12 years in November. Not able to track down any audio from it yet, so here’s an oldie but goodie . . .