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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?




Somebody tell me this isn’t heavy lol


New Conan (Stoner/Doom) coming in September

New Windhand (Stoner/Doom) - one of my favorite bands - coming in October

Haken is also releasing a new album in October, but I can’t find any video yet.



always fun to see bands that play old school thrash ala Kill Em All and Bonded By Blood . . .

Deathhammer has a release coming in October

…also on that note, apparently Wrath is releasing an album in October too. Can’t find any audio yet.


Some more October releases . . .

Deadbird (Sludge/Doom)

Seventh Wonder (Prog)

Castle (Heavy/Doom)


Not new, but I really like this song.



Sure it’s heavy, feels a little disjointed though (at least to me).

Closest thing it reminds me of (without much of the electronic bent) would be the upsurge in powerviolence in the late 90’s ala CombatWoundedVeteran or maybe some of Man is the Bastard:






More September release stuff

The White Swan (Sludge/Doom)

Komatsu (Stoner)

Kingcrow (Prog)

Metal Allegiance (Thrash/Groove)

The music is pretty meh, but thought I’d include this since its a fun supergroup with a bunch of guests on this album, including Bobby Blitz (Overkill), Troy Sanders (Mastadon), Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly), John Bush (Armored Saint), Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth).

Suicidal Tendencies (Thrash/Crossover/Punk)

Again, not a fan, but Dave Lombardo.

Necronomicon (Thrash)

Always been a bit of a mediocre thrash group imo, but nice to see the old bands still releasing stuff I suppose.


More stuff upcoming in October

Gama Bomb (Thrash)

Sounds like a pretty typical Gama Bomb release. If you like old school zany/comical thrash you might like it.

Soulfly (Groove/Thrash/Death)

Never been a fan and haven’t listened to them since 2000’s Primitive album, but figured I’d include them since Max Cavalera is still involved.

Hate Eternal (Death)

Not a fan, but Hannes Grossmann is on this album, so I like that :slight_smile:

Sumeru (Stoner/Doom)



started bumping from mars to sirius again


New Windfaerer inbound:


More stuff coming in September

Druglord (Stoner/Doom)

SpaceMetal (Stoner)

Bastardizer (Blackened Thrash/Speed)

More stuff coming in October

Barús (Prog Death)