So uh guys. its L4D


Anyone else have the real game? mines still updating 37 minutes to go until i fuck these AI zombies up.

I predict Zombie Bukkake in your future.

i bought the 23 game pack, downloaded/installed source, l4d, portal and tf2. soon after my computer crashed. so i went to sleep, woke up and requested an RMA exchange on my q6600 which seems defective. going to see if gigabyte will give me a replacement mobo since they have my UPC code now..

Gonna buy this... Just... Need some freaking money, which im very good at spending on everything else... DAMN!... Im gonna make a box.. with a timelock on it, so I wont spend the money x]

source for that Steam Skin please?

yyeah pinoy where the hell you get that skin?

at the general section. it is stickied, it says skins. there are a lot of selections


i wouldnt get the v1.1. in the friends list, its not color coded