So the lounge is in the sin bin?

Interesting turn of events. What is the point of the locked thread ?

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What happen to the lounge ? I need the lounge. Last i knew it gone, Gay anime. Which is annoying but to get locked ? What the hell did you guys do ?

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Interesting turn of events from tek syndicate.....My ears are pricked.

a quote spam pyramid of seizure inducing gifs got it locked :P

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Damn and i missed it , or at least wasnt the cause of it this time :) I have mellowed in my old age.

I liked the gifs. I was like a disco ?

No, it was like a headache...

So you locked the lounge Soul ?

You have a penis on your forehead I deal with ?

They need to address the issue and unlock the lounge :) Even if they have to go in a nuke posts. I dont see anything too bad on the gif side of things ?

in fact this one is funny :) added to my collection. beer needs to bubble alittle ?

It'll get unlocked later.

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Glad your in charge of us people :)

looks like a rouge admin to me that took offense to something ? Its just the lounge, man ? Have mercy :)


I tagged the moderators and they decided to lock it shrug

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Thats what apple said

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Were am i gonna but my dank memes ? I think that is the correct term.

I'm an old man with a heart condition and when presented with bikini girl images I might die. I dont censor the world cause i'm broken.


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See you british screwing it up for everyone else :) cough brexit

fucking brexit !