So Richland is coming soon

And will come with a 8670D, this gets me very very excited, even though I already have a desktop I would absolutely love to make a Steam/Lan Box. 

Really I just have some questions

How much should I have saved up for it?

What type of thermals should I be looking at? Aftermarket cooling in such a small case?

What is acceptable for a PSU at this scale?

Which M-ITX cases look good and would be optimal for a build like this? 

I would like to have an SSD in here, would I be sacrificing much going for an older 240gb SSD? or Should I pick up like 2x 120GB SSD's

How important is the RAM Speed? I've heard that the onboard GPU on the APUs benefit greatly from the mobo RAM and they are more or less linked.

Current a M-ITX AM2 Board is @$100 and I would like to get some 2133 RAM on board as well @ $70

So I have $170 for those two assuming prices don't drop when richland comes out in may (or was it june?)


Really it's my first time going for a build dedicated to being small and portable so I'm a newbie in this territory.