So much freedom!

Saw the new Captain America and could not resist


and in case that's not working


End of thread link: HI THERE

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w00t, l0v3 fr33d0m

After, who doesn't love ships that, uh...

Nevermind, spoilers :#

Not sure if this is a 'murrica joke or a underhanded  "NSA" comment...

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This blog post is hilarious even though I haven't seen the second Captain America.

+1 to everyone posting pictures

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Although the capabilities outlined were creepy,the memes are great.

There has to be a macro about A-10 that shoots 4000 depleted uranium freedoms per minute.

Oh god these comments are hilarious. 



This is hilarious, better take it down before the NSA notices, because we all secretly don't have freedom of speech

we have freedom of speech however the NSA has freedom of spying. You are free to be watched by the government. Murica. Freedom.

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And a documentary on some of the newest democracy ships:

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Friggin Awesome So many great desktops for me ! LOL Thanks everybody who contributed!