So i've got a problem

 The thing is,

i looked in the topic about 771 Xeon on 775 boards (don't now exactly where to find it right now) and i was thinking "Why is my Hard drive performance so bad" (compared to the SSD in the thread (mine < his))! So i thought i have the SSD on a ASMedia Port, just plug it in the Intel Port. The thing is, i got better results ever since but now and then Win lock's up and i can't do nothing about it . . . I changed nothing else . . . I tried stock clocks (CPU/RAM (without XMP)) looked at the cables (it might be loose) nothing. It just keeps locking up and it have has something to do with the sata Port. When i change the Drive to the ASMedia Port it don't locks up but then i have the crappy IDE performace again (but it says it's AHCI mode on the controller).

Does anyone know whats going on? Or do i have to reinstall Win to get it to run properly?



(yeah i know my english skills . . . sorry about that -_-)

Be sure you are running the latest Intel controller drivers. Also your AHCI mode is unclear, are both controllers set to be in AHCI mode? Meaning your windows install was done in that mode? Or is the Asmedia IDE and the Intel AHCI or the other way around. Cause you'll bsod all day if you try to boot a AHCI nstalled os on a controller set to IDE (or other way around).

They are Both in AHCI mode (Intel and ASMedia Controller) and i Installed Windows in AHCI mode but on the ASMedia controller and not on the Intel. I'm gonna try to update the drivers (if i find newer ones). If this don't works i think i have to reinstall Win! YAY . . . .