So it's been over a year...or more... (Miscreated)

....and ending up seeing some Miscreated gameplay last night, the way the game is now, i decided to log back on again.
Runs smooth, other players are more friendly than what i remember (lots of kill on sight in the beginning). But ahh...need to get more into this game, it's very immersive so i'm always hesitant to play because i don't have much time. I also like playing games for relaxation and don't like the stress of being hunted all the time. I just like to explore.
There's shit tons of survival games but i think, aesthetically, i like this one most. But it was insanely slow joining servers.
The one i've played the most is 7 days to die. Because you can play it offline so the random gen map is all yours.
Like 7dtd (which i didn't like at all, at first, i liked it after alpha 9 or 10 or so...) , Miscreated's travelled a long way, heard about the engine troubles they had in the beginning and all the work they hat to put into it (again) so it's great rediscovering this one, it's getting better.

Anyone here playing Miscreated ? Or 7 Days to die ?


So it's H1Z1 with a face lift? Looks nice, might take a look later.

i believe miscreated was available before h1z1, not before 7dtd though, i guess they all have their similarities, obviously the theme and setting.
Never played h1z1 or even day z.
A friend has those and i've watched some gameplay though but didn't buy them, probably because there's so many games in that genre to choose from and you tend to stick with what you like anyways..different people like different things in similar games.