So iOS7 is making people sick... literally

So I saw this on reddit and even looked up more info about it, apparently iOS7 has been making people sick, think like Motion sickness and vertigo.

If you're prone to motion sickness, you probably don't want to upgrade to iOS7.

So yeah... Should get that fixed soon, eh?

I haven't seen it first hand but if the effect is as strong as in that picture then they'll just have to have a setting to turn it off.

Who am I kidding, they're holding it wrong.

it's making me sick of the battery's life.



Sick of their phones getting bricked :)~



You can turn it off in settings. Of course nobody that uses an iPhone knows that :/.

Oh my god, they can't even reverse this, haha, that's what you get from using Apple products.

i've never had motion sickness before and i'm always on roller coasters but the first time i used ios 7 after about thirty seconds i nearly threw up

No one who uses an iphone doesn't even know how to use it...or any phone...

Everyone I know are complaining about shit battery much is that thinness and that metal bezel really worth if it means you have to shrink the


I know a person that uses an iPhone in one hand and a Galaxy S4 in the other the same time...

How long was some retard staring at that screen before they got sick? It's not even that bad