So I purchased a GPU off eBay, it's not going so hot

So I thought I would give the old used market a try. Bought an Sapphire Nitro RX 580 8gb and lo and behold o have artifacting.


Is this card shot? I tried DDU, installed Radeon drivers. I don’t know what else, never had this problem. I just had a GTX 1060 in there, it worked fine. I thought the drivers might be conflicting so I went that route. Still hasn’t corrected.

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RX 580

Have you tried disassembling the GPU yet and blowing it out and applying new thermal paste ?

Also does this card use direct contact to the VRM’s + Memory cells or does it use Thermal Pads ?

Could be these need to be replaced as well ?

Atifacting is usually caused when overclocking the RAM but in this case it could all be thermally related.

I have never Seen that pattern of artifacting.

I wouldn’t disassemble it jet, because you might be able to still return it.

The basic tests and procedures apply here too.

So, how is the picture in the bios,
Different screens and cables.
Different resolutions, flashing a well known “good” vbios.
Switching the vbios first!

Basic question, does the driver install fine and what does the device manager tell you? Because if it sais, GPU ok, the driver is there and benchmarks run despite the artifacts, well, gg. Interesting case.

My 380 used to look like that when I was underclocking and undervolting it.

Looks like bad display connection to me. Bad ports?

By the looks of it, the card has a BIOS switch on it. @Seventy_3 might be able to just power off the machine, flip that switch to fix it.

Could be some sort of “mining”-BIOS where it sacrifices display out for power consumption.


I would bet money on this being the case.

Flash bios back to default, see if the problem goes away.

I’ve seen similar issues like that when messing with voltages.

Flipping the bios switch may also help - but if its possible to flash both BIOSes on it, maybe they’re both mining BIOS variants. Flash with a stock bios, then you know what it is…

This was it, switched the bios and it fired up normally. Unfortunately, I thought I purchased an RX580 8gb off eBay but it ended up being a 570 4gb so now I’m trying to go through that with the seller. Looks like he’s not going to allow me to return it. I’ll probably have to wait the 3 days for eBay to mediate.

Anyways look out for swellcells on eBay. Can’t exactly recommend him.

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Due to miners, I wouldn’t risk buying a used GPU from some internet rando unless it was an extremely good deal.

Obviously this guy straight-up tried to rip you off so yeah, get a refund. Assuming you didn’t flash a 570 BIOS by accident.

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Sapphire has their SKU number right over the PCIe slot in the corner, take it out and have a look:

11265-01 580 8GB
11265-03 580 8GB
11265-34 580 8GB
11265-07 580 4GB
11265-08 580 4GB
11265-31 580 4GB
11265-36 580 4GB
11266-01 570 8GB
11266-09-20G 570 8GB
11266-14-20G 570 4GB
11266-15 570 4GB
11266-46 570 4GB
11266-51 570 4GB

If he flashed the wrong BIOS I’m gonna laugh and laugh and laugh.

The seller or OP? :smiley:
Flashing the 580 BIOS hoping “noone notices” would be malicious and reason for me to send a well writen letter to Ebay.

If OP did that, happens.

The OP. Agree if it’s the seller that’s not funny at all.

Yeah, he said he hand checks each card and runs fur mark before sending them out. So idk. I have never flashed a bios so I dont even know where to begin. I thought maybe I was wrong because it has a 4+3 power connector but all niteo 570s have the same.

Also, I like you’re “rando” will be using that.

Sapphire… WHY do you put a PCB number on the card but not the SKU?!

SKU is there:

Oh ok, well the SKU is 11266-14

That is a clear case of trying to rip you off then.

If Ebay wants proof, Sapphires Website in the spec section has the SKUs:

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That’s what I’m thinking, I told him I would keep it for $50 discount because it’s a 570. He was uninterested ( said $25). But lesson learned, I will stay away from eBay.

This was fun, I definitely learned something about GPUs, thanks all.

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