So I have this Idea

So I want to start a website/forum, I guess some could call it similar to this website but not really. I want it to be a website where we review video games with no biased opinions but just pure facts ( which is hard to come by these days ). I don't know much about website programming or anything along those lines and I'm currently in IT school obtaining certifications that would help me enter of course the IT field. I plan on living alone and possibly getting some partners on this project once I get in a position of my life where I am safe to really invest in this company. I also want this website to be a tech forum also and by that I mean all TECH. I want users to be able to help each other out and also be able to create gaming content and upload it to there channels. I do not really want to have to use another platforms uploader such as Youtube but I figured if I made created some type of partnership for members of the website and they uploaded videos under are network to youtube to use on this site then the company could take like an extremely low cut of profit from the content that the user creates. I want to be able to host a livestream on this website also sort of like what Tek Syndicate has but I don't want it to be one of things on twitch when random people come in and just troll I want it to be on this website exclusively which I don/t know if that is a smart idea really. I have a lot of ideas I'm willing to share with the users of this site but I just need to know if this could be like something big if I give it the care that it needs and take it very seriously. Do I have to create the custom uploader to my site or do some website such as come with things like that ? Is it okay to use website builders such as ? Or will my site seem to be less than the other sites ?