Smartphone Abuse

Whenever I pick up a new smartphone, I usually like to see how much abuse it can take.


Here I have a Huawei u8730 (myTouch Q on T-Mobile)


Same exact testing done to an HTC myTouch



Even if you don't do these kind of tests to your smartphones, which ones have been most reliable to you? My best brand would have to be Samsung for now, their phones are built ultra durable, I drop my Nexus a few times around the day, no scratches scuffs or cracks.

._. What exactly involves your testing procedure?

I will tend to agree on samsung my SGS2 never got any major scratches. The only thing that happened to me was that its PCB somehow died over night but i got it repaired for free :)

Just basic everyday stuff, drops, simulated trip tests, etc.

What height did you drop them from to break their screens that badly?

Well there were stair drops, 4, 5 foot drops, then the trip test (phone flies into the air and bounces off sidewalk)

xD why would you do that to your phone? you should totally send them to the manufracturer and ask for repair on warranty

It's just whenever I get a new phone I know there will usually be no need in my old phone so I have with it hahaha, I was really considering sending and asking for repair just to get a hilarious reaction.

LMAO but yea I've never seen a Galaxy get that bad exept maybe if you ran it over. On the other hand I've never seen more shattered iphone screens it's like they are made from sugar glass. 

My HTC Hero wouldn't die until it got ran over. I literally chucked that thing everywhere. Against walls, gravel, across the room. And I loaned it out to a few friends, who contributed their abuse. The worse that happened to that phone (prior to getting ran over) was it ended up missing a screw, and I had to replace a lost back cover.

Now, it seems like all my phones break pretty easily. Since my Hero, I've gone through 2 Epic 4G's and an Evo 4G - all broken. Actually, I lied, the first Epic was stolen. The second broke (not even from abuse).

I'm hoping my Note II has a better string of luck... especially considering I paid full price for it.

I've never had a phone die on me, but then again I've never dropped them from great heights or abused them in any way.

My current phone is an HTC HD2 (that's a HTC Leo for those living in the US), which is still running flawlessly with Android ICS, instead of the shipped Windows Phone 6.5. It's been with me a long time and you can really only see that on the backplate. The rest is still in pretty good condition.