Smallest affordable case for Asus H81T/CSM build

The title says it all. I need the Smallest case possible to house a mini-ITX build.

The motherboard, if you're not familiar with it, can use laptop memory and a laptop power brick, so the actual case wont need to house a bulky power supply.

The only parts that'll actually be in the case:

CPU: Intel Celeron G1820 (Will use stock cooler for the build)
RAM: 2x2gb Hynix PC3 8500s
SSD: Crucial MX100 128gb

Rajintek Metis. Small, affordable and available in many colors.
LC-Power LC-1320II, which comes with a 90W external powerbrick. It's going to be very tight with the stock, but should work.

Those both have "extra" room for a PSU, so that's a no go. I NEED it to be as small as possible. The motherboard that I have just uses a laptop charger for power.

Pretty much the case just needs to have room for a mini-ITX board and SSD and that's it.

Thinking about this, but it's a bit pricey for what it is. Looking to spend under $40.

The smallest, Silverstone Petit PT13 (needs their own low profile AR04 cooler):

Realan E-W60:

Realan E-W80:

The best: Akasa Euler S
(needs a 35W cpu but I've seen tests with a 55W cpu and it was ok)