Smaller Form Factor Cases

So, I was hoping to make a smaller build cause of university and all that, and my father being all like ".. Your PC is too big... get a laptop for like $300" and I'm running a mid tower right now, so I'll need smaller than that.

I was thinking of any of the Bitfenix mATX cases like the Prodigy, Colossus, and Phenom. the mATX versions of course, but I wasn't exactly sure which one. Is there any functionality of one of them over the other? Cause to me they all look the same internally. I ask because I would probably get the Prodigy M for university life, due to it's "feet", as my dorm is more than likely going to be carpeted, having that extra elevation might be nice.

I was also wondering if an H60 would fit in the back of these cases with two hard drives mounted in the bottom. The side piece that you can mount your SSDs and HDDs to, to me, looks a bit flimsy for two hard drives so I kind of want to avoid using that.

If an H60 won't fit, any suggestions would be appreciated, but I'd assume if it doesn't I'd probably want to look into 240mm rads... Suggestions for either 120mm or 240mm radiators would be appreciated, and I'll be assuming that they fit in these cases with two hard drives in the bottom or that they're completely clear of other parts if a 240mm in the top is suggested.

silverstone and fractal have a few matx cases that are small that would work and the H60 should fit most places there is a 120mm fan 

Thanks, I've asked on other forums about this and they don't address the major question.

I've looked at Silverstone's mATX cases and the just don't look nice, and for the $100 price point I can probably find stuff that looks nice and functions well. I've also looked at the Fractal Node 304, which I'm thinking about, but right now my mind seems to be pretty set on the Bitfenix Prodigy, just because it's so small, and it has a smaller footprint compared to the Node 304, which is pretty wide. That and due to the Prodigy's super small size, it shouldn't be a problem to bring to LANs and such, cause where I do mine, there's very little space.

I'm probably going to get a Prodigy M or Colossus M with an H60. Thanks for your knowledge. 

I own a Node 304 and its a great case.  If you are looking at matx over itx I would look at the Fractal Design Arc Mini I think its the best matx case out there.  With that said I am kind of a fractal fan.  The Bitfenix prodigy is a pretty large case actually its bigger that the fractal node 304 in every way.  I just think its to big to be Itx the new prodigy pro is nice and matx but I have a hard time suggesting the Itx version of the prodigy for anything other then the visual appeal because its not as small as many other Itx and even matx cases out there.  Take a tape measure and look at the specs of the cases you are looking at so you can kind of see the size.

Oh, I meant the Prodigy M as in the mATX version haha. The problem I have with the Node 304 is that it's wider so it takes up more space in the sense that, well, I don't want to put stuff on top of my PC, so cases that build taller, but less wide, for me at least are better in terms of space efficiency.

I'm gonna be building a system inside of a Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 very very soon. It seems like a great little m-atx case, and Logan has an overview of it now on the channel. I recommend you check it out


Arc Mini R2

Prodigy M


Node 304

Elite 120 Advanced.

My father also complained about having a mid tower.  I sold it and now have a nice little itx system!

Does any one know if you can fit the Cooler Master Seidon 120XL in the Arc Mini R2. I'm wanting to switch from my full tower and just wanted to know if I would need a new cooler.