--Small Size Gaming Case--

Hi, this is my first post on the forums and i would like suggestions on a small-sized gaming tower/case

Thank you for your time, Sincerely Jake

bitfenix prodigy,  fractal core 1000  there are many what are you looking for?

What do you mean by "Gaming case"? I have never used an ITX or micro ATX case, but for ITX, Logan likes the BitFenix prodigy, for micro ATX, he gave a very good review to the fractal design define R4.

i am looking for a small size case for gaming p.s.i am new to the whole PC Gaming scene so correct me on anything if im wrong 


i got this 


some pics.




comes with a HDD cage the goes in the front. holds 4 HDD.

likes: has 2 front fans, 1 rear. (2 fans included). PSU dust filter. Front fan filter.  Removable motherboard tray. supports long GPU'S. Case feels solid. Decent Cable management for its size. Easy to Remove Dust Filters

Dislikes: front door feels cheap, takes a bit of force to open and close. stock fans are terrible, (max RPM 900). limited to the type of ram due to HDD getting in the way. Tight fit for 24pin power cable and USB 3.0 (depending on your motherboard) due to HDD cage

this is just off the top of my head. if you want to see more/better pics let me know.


what is the difference between ITX or micro ATX?

Micro ATX is a larger motherboard standard, and as such cases that accomodate them tend to be larger as a result. They also tend to have a standard of between three and five expansion slots on the case instead of the one or two that are popular with mini-itx cases. As far as building in a mini-itx case, it is difficult to find one as potentially useful and attractive as the bitfenix prodigy, and depending on your budget and where you are willing to look, you can even get them with windowed side panels. The really nice part about the Bitfenix Prodigy is that you can take any 120 or 240 mm AIO liquid cooling kit and install it into the roof, or in the case of the 120mm one, in the back of the case. And if you remove the middle drive bay, you can accomodate cards as large as the EVGA 460 x2, or any of the ATI/AMD über cards that happen to be absolutely bonkers long, then they will still fit. Only problem with mini-itx, is that you'd better be willing to give up any ideas of adding more cards to the build later, as they cannot hope to find the room to support SLI/Crossfire. You may also want to check out some of the Lian-Li cases, as they are exceptionally attractive, if a little claustrophobic and poorly ventilated.

Prodigy can be slightly unstable due to it's plastic feet as they are the same thing as the top handles