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Small scanner for Linux?


Hello! I have been using an old Epson multifunction printer for my scanning needs. Due to its large size I want to get rid of it and replace it with a small (not flatbed) scanner.

My budget is ~$150. I will use it on linux, either directly on my Arch PC or share it through an Ubuntu machine that also handles printing through CUPS.

WiFI would be nice but not absolutely needed. I just scan A4 documents once in a while and I don’t need duplex scanning.

Do you have any recommendations? Is there a list of Linux supported scanners anywhere?



Popular Linux scanning utilities typically use the SANE backend, so a glimpse at SANE compatibility is in order. In my limited experience, scanners typically just work, but I’m sure that there must be exceptions. Anywhoo, always best to do some homework, before spending cash, eh?

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