Small Bill of Material Calculator Webapp

Hello All,

I have been working solo on a web application and was hoping to both get other opinion’s on the design (not my strong suit) as well as its efficacy as a tool for putting together simple bill of material proposals.

For now I am hosting it here:

Consider it an alpha as It is not responsive, and It doesn’t actually export or create a proposal just yet but I’m self taught and professionally come from a completely different field so I would really appreciate any thoughts and feedback.

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Dude, way to branch out! I’m also not really far into my web career (went form hardware tech at the help-desk to web dev a year or two ago). It sounds like you’re asking for design and ease-of-use feedback since the page doesn’t have much functionality, so I’ll comment on that.

Subjectively, its leans kind of brutalist and I like that. To me, a lot of websites get clunked with special javascript and transitions meant to emphasize the movement and animated-ness a website has (usually trying to look as floaty and eyecatching as possible). To me, this seems to make the buttons and such really lose purpose, and the website becomes a show instead of a tool.

Specifically regarding your webiste, I will say that some of the colors are harsh, and so when I look at the grid list, the blue border at the base of the text boxes almost stand out more than the text. So maybe tone down the deep blue a tad? The button toolbar at the top could use a bit more spacing too.

Good baseline though!

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