Small ATX Case needed

Hi Syndicate-Community,

I wanted to start building my own gaming PC, but now I got a little problem. I am searching for a small full ATX case. It should be about 400mm tall. Don't ask me why I won't buy a bigger one, I just need the ATX for upgradeablility and I get ATX motherboards easier over here. Thanks in advance.


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David Al


Tough call try this one maybe? Hope it helped

Haha thanks, just were thinking of that one too,thank you. But do you know a case on 40 cm which has the normal form of any case (the 50x50x20 form and so)

I just over looked some cases and made the decision, that the height has to be small. so the height should be about 40 cm

Bitfenix prodigy?

m-ITX not standard ATX.

OT - Most ATX chassis are 500mm in height. Tough one, but CM HAF XB is your best choice.

well i found one but it is an old case i think but it fits your needs at 360mm or what waffletime has recommended and the haf xb is better.