Slower download speeds on Linux comparied to Windows

Hey guys. I am a long time view of tek sydicate but a new user to the forum. I just started my transition from Windows to Linux. I have chosen to go with Ubuntu Gnome 15.10. Everything is going good. I have installed and set up everything I need to get back to work and study but I have one problem. I first noticed this when I was downloading a game off steam. When I do a speed test I get 30mb/s download but when I was on steam it peaked at 1.5MB/s down. I understand 8 bits to a byte and its not a 1 to 1 conversion but on windows I would get 3.5ish when downloading a steam game. I have changed the server location for steam and had a slight improvement but not would I would like. Please help. :)

before anything, try a simple sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. See what that does

you might be having issues with packet mismatching on the network card, check your modem/network switch to see if you have errors showing on the network port (assuming it is not something background downloading).

I have never had a problem like that no windows. Is it possible for a change of OS to do that?

yeah its possible its a driver thing its rare but ive had it happen with a reinstall of windows as well as ubuntu on a few machines.

This could also be that Steam doesn't have the linux versions of these games cached in the same places.

The other day I had an issue where it was downloading fine, (in windows) then just stopped for over half an hour.

Could just be Steam, or if they are doing the P2P transfers, there could be more people downloading the windows versions.


Does that mean its like downloading a torrent file?


Last I checked steam does this.

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it does but i think (IIRC) it's turned off by default in linux.

either explanation would suffice.

Steam is indeed slower on linux, nothing to do with linux its self though it's entirely valves fault.

I'm not sure if you are trying to say that's what I'm conveying or if you are trying to be funny.

There are a great deal more pieces in place than "Valve" and "Linux."

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If you're running off of an HDD, it's possible that something else in the system is bottlenecking the write speeds.

I've seen one weird glitch in my time in Linux where a log file was being constantly written at maximum speed and ended up completely consuming my 100GB+ of storage in less than an hour.

This on an SSD with FSTRIM not enabled caused issues in older linux.