Slow wake

Hi just recently my computer has been taking longer to wake from sleep, I would like to know why

my specs are:

  • Intel E7200 
  • 7GB of RAM
  • Asus P5QL PRO mobo
  • A EVGA Geforce 8400 GS
  • Seagate Bearacuda 500gb HDD and a Western Digital 500gb 2.5in HDD

Just wondering why it takes a while...

P.S. it takes like  30secs to wake.

What OS are you running OP? A Windows OS? If so, there's your answer, you're running a WindowsOS.
Defrag, update, debloat.

I am running windows 7. and you can't blame everything on an os... but yeah I think I should do a little maintenace on this thing...