Slow SSD speeds

I have the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 240gb SSD and am using it with the G75VW-BBK5 laptop.  I've installed windows 7 first then upgraded it with the win8 pro upgrade. 


when was the last time you updated the firmware?

I've tired to but it keep freezing every time I start the app they have but I'm trying it with win7 here and see if it works.

Hmm, surprised there isn't an iso option to update it with. tried erasing it and updating it that way?

Those results are perfectly fine. That's what you should be getting. My Patriot Wildfire gets similar results.

If you're conserned the speeds are not right, you could check if your BIOS settings for the primary drive is AHCI or IDE. If it's IDE, you will have to change a value in the Windows registry before changing to AHCI.

Well when I install any game I will get maybe 14mb-20mb write speed from windows task manager in win 8 tells me and that I won't stand for cause that is slower than my HDD. Also to Tabbeber I have checked my BIOS to see if it was AHCI or IDE and it's AHCI. And now with the Firmware I've tried to do it after I delete everything and restore it and nothing I tried installing it on the sdd and nothing.
The speeds that are on the specs 

Max Sequential Read
Up to 560MB/s
 Max Sequential Write
Up to 525MB/s
4KB Random Write
Up to 90,000 IOPS
Seek Time
0.1 ms


This is the score from my Adata 120 GB SSD:

Is this normal?

sandforce dosen't work well with AS SSD bench. Here is a 60 GB Agility3 SSD and a 1 TB Hitachi HDD. About as cheap as storage for each type goes.

In your laptop? Probably only running on Sata 2 as well.


I would say yours look normal compared to mine.



I know my SSD speeds should be more then this and this is what I was asking about. Should have does a screen shot of this first. But, my SSD speeds are slow cause that is a 5400rpm HDD with higher writes then my SSD.

Please if anyone knows what is happening or could help find out what is.