Slow boot

i own p8z77-i deluxe and boot takes a crapload longer than my old msi z77a-g45 mobo

I have cleared cmos, flashed bios and freshly installed windows, but the time to boot is 30s! it was 8s on my msi!

the windows logo loads really quickly, in 2 seconds, but getting from the power button to the ASUS logo and from ASUS logo to windows logo is a very long time. How do i make boot faster?

Im using 16gb 1600mhz g.skill memory, evga gtx760 and 3770k @ 4.4GHz on this mobo. Cooed with xigmatek dark knight.

well there are a few option you can  set in the bios, first of all set your boot device priority, your HDD as first boot, if you dont use a optical drive then you can set usb boot as second, and disable the rest. there is also  a option quick boot somewhere in the bios, offcourse if that is enabled. further if it keeps slow boot into windows, download the latest bios version of the board, and update the bios.

also look in the bios if ahci mode on your drive port is enabled.

16 GB RAM. I SUSPECT he does a memory test (altough I believe this was abandoned long ago). Cant you turn this off?

Also there should be an option how long the BIOS wait on hard disks to boot up. Perhaps you have a slow HDD that spins up?

And last but not least, see if there are any options for USB initialisation. Best to turn that completely off. Also dont leave your boot list too populated. Only leave your Windows HDD in there!

More ram slows a boot? I never knew that,lol.

The only things in my boot list are my blu-ray drive and my ocz agility 3 ssd (windows drive)

Well its just a guess, not a fact; that its doing too much tests on your big sized RAM.

Actually, what is going on up there? Did you disable the boot logo? Maybe you can see what takes so long then.

boot logo was reduced to 1s so i can get into bios when needed when i put it together.